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Web Application Penetration Testing Course Details

75 days | 2 Per Day Session

WAPT Certification Course Overview

Web applications are the most important point in today’s world for organizations. The Web app vulnerabilities may lead to have resulted in the theft of credit cards, financial loss, Username and password compromise and damaged reputations for hundreds of organisation. This certification is for you which will understand you of web application bugs and their exploits and penetration testing methodology. Check your web applications for holes before the bad guys do.

Web Application Penetration Testing Training (WAPT) Benefits

Upon Completion of the Course, you will be ready for accomplishing the following:-

  1. Hacking Website anyone like Amazon, Banking, and others website
  2. Will improve your knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities based on Owasp top 10 Injection.
  3. Will be able to do Grey Box/White Box Testing on the website.
  4. RFI, LFI, XSS, SQL injection testing In Depth Manner.
  5. Web Application Firewall Testing Testing and Securing Website with WAF
  6. Report Generation and Presentation.

Course Objectives:

The Candidate will get hands-on practical knowledge on website hacking (Web application penetration testing) Like Amazon,Banking WebSite and Securing Them. The organization and companies must have the Importance value of web application Pentesting, which are rapidly gaining attention as an essential security practice and secure the organization from website Attacks.

This Course is Designed to Benefit the Following Professionals:

  • Under-Graduate Students
  • Post-Graduate Students
  • Candidate interested in WebSite Hacking
  • Other IT professionals seeking WAPT certification
  • A candidate who is seeking for certification after CEH
  • A candidate who is seeking for Cyber And IT Security Jobs

WAPT Syllabus

  • Web Application Overview
  • Owasp Top 10 injection
  • Web Application Configuration Testing
  • Open source information Gathering
  • Burp Suite In-Depth
  • Broken Authentication and Session Management
  • Bypass Authentication prompt
  • Injection Attacks
  • Command Injection Attacks
  • Web to Shell on the Server
  • Upload attacks
  • LFI and RFI Attacks
  • Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
  • Web Application SQL Injection Attacks
  • Client-side Attacks XSS,CSRF,DOM
  • Web Application Testing Tools
  • White,Grey,Black Box Testing
  • Web Application Firewall Testing
  • Reporting The Bugs
  • Other Attacks SSI,XXE,LDAP,IDOR,Etc

Note: For Complete module details, kindly Download our syllabus now!

24x7 Lab

Being an International Based Training Services We Do Have an Open 24X7 Lab for Best Practices.

Led Interactive Sessions

Expose the new Configured lab with old corporate faculty to leverage the technical environment.

Expert Technical Team

All-Time Working Corporate Professional from Hinjewadi and Other IT Areas in/around Pune.

Real Time Module

We Believe In "From Practitioner to Expert Model", And Thus We Run With Latest Modules.

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A Renowned name in the field of Web Application Penetration Testing and Cyber security training center in Pune.

We have tie-ups with MNCs comes under Hinjewadi, Eon IT Park, Commerzone IT Park and many more 317+ till date.

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